My Drawing Process

Usually I start by taking a picture of real people. Most of the female characters in my book are based off of my anatomy. I’d like to say that it’s because I want there to be more pear shaped women and less ridiculous standards for women, and men! out there, but it’s mostly because of convenience; myhelen-2 drawings are based off of my friends and myself. It works well, because while my story is, in all likelihood, implausible, it’s still based in real science. And I love Wonderwoman! Don’t you ever accuse me of verbally abusing the classics, but we’re entering a comic book era in which variety can flourish. Comics aren’t just about superheroes anymore. Maus, Saga and Lumberjanes are great examples. Anyway, I’ve gotten a bit off topic. I’ve talked a lot about my writing process, because I personally think my my story building skills are superior to my visual art. But I do want to take the time to high light it as

I take a picture, as I said before. Lyria, above, is also my anatomy.

I took a picture of myself with a toy gun. And then on a computer program I blocked out all the shapes. And then I made it look good. That’s about it.

helenMuch love, Miriam Burden

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