No New Clothes Challenge

This October I made a vow to not buy any new clothes for a whole year.


(That was a car screeching to a stop in case you didn’t know.)

I’ve never been that into shopping anyway. It’s stupid, there are fluorescent lights, and it costs money. I always liked what one of my bosses said. He wanted to be successful while still wearing baggy pants. Now he’s nearing 40, and wishes he wouldn’t have made such a promise.

I’ve been coasting just fine so far. I have holes in my jeans from when my thighs rub together. Right in the crotch area, as per usual. But no one has spotted them yet, and maybe I’ll learn how to sew (Yeah, right!) and make a jean skirt out of them. To quote that kid from Angels in the Outfield, “It could happen!”

And then my purse broke. DUn Dun Dun! I did stitch it up, but I won’t be getting any “best dressed” awards. I look like a damn hippie when I wear it. But that’s okay; it’s a place to keep my wallet.


The inspiration for this undertaking was The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard. It’s about consumerism and how we do too much of it. I don’t want to be one of those people who support dinosaur economies for the sake that it creates jobs. That’s stupid. One of the stupidest ideas ever. The Story of Stuff probably misrepresents data, like how much water it takes to create a cotton t-shirt. I mean, it’s not like that water just disappears, but the overwhelming message was clear.

Waste not. Want not.

Except when this year is over, I might actually enjoy going shopping..

If you feel like you’re up to the challenge, don’t buy any new clothes for a year with me. Compare notes. Do you guys know some crazy stitching techniques that ta novice like me could pick up on quickly?

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