My Writing Process

Starting on my second graphic novel, in the series Beanstalk, I’m already on page 50 at least in my script. It’s going a lot quicker than my first book, and I can’t quite pinpoint why. I don’t think about it as often when I’m at work. (It used to be all I daydreamed about, before some guy punched Richard Spencer, and now that’s all I can dream of doing. I think of that, and Kellyann Conway’s “alternative facts.”)

It could be that I’m not as good at this anymore, or it could be I’ve gotten better. There was a time when the simple task of waiting on tables was daunting, but now I do that with such ease so as it does not register if I’m talking to you, while I’m thinking about something completely different. “Would like fruit or potatoes for your side?” In my head I’m contemplating Rousseau’s ideas on civil liberty, because I am a big nerd like that.

I’ve started this new graphic novel with a rather unexpected side plot. Dennis is a character I had no intention of reviving, but he has become a central part of this project. He is somewhat of an automaton, as I believe a number of scientists and engineers are in reality. (That doesn’t mean all of them are self serving pricks without any intention of serving the greater good.) He got into this business, because he was good at differential equations, and it made him feel good to be competent at something. I feel like that’s something we can all relate to at least on some level, (even if you failed algebra 2 twice in high school ((Guilty!))


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