Starting My Old Second Job Again

Tonight I’ll be working at my old job again, a little restaurant situated downtown. I gave my two weeks in July. However, I’m back at it every Sunday night now. Having a second job helps curtail my guilt of working a super easy primary job. I mean, I get paid to be nice to people and bring them their food. Sometimes it is actually hard to be nice to people, especially when you’re hosting.

“It will be 15 minutes for a table.”

“Really? There’s an empty table right there.”

“Yes, why would I lie to you? I’m sorry everyone had the same idea as you. And see my list? There are people ahead of you.” I really want to say it just like that someday. I mean, it’s only my job to know which tables are open and seat them.

I wonder if the new minimum wage law will affect me. My boss says she wouldn’t mind paying us minimum wage if she gets some sort of tax break. But I don’t see that happening.

I’m saving money for a house with my boyfriend, so maybe I’ll keep this second job again for a while. I’m not expecting houses to get any cheaper. (Why, oh why, did I choose to live near Aspen, Colorado? I don’t even like skiing.) Also, with Trump’s stupid plan to build infrastructure we don’t need, the Federal Reserve is expecting inflation and adjusting their interest rates accordingly. Bad news for folks who want to buy a home. Maybe the economy will crash in the next two years. Should I be rooting for that? I mean, it’s possible if Trump repeals the Dodd-Frank Act, right?

Save your money, people.



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