A New Project in the Works

Because of how Amazon’s algorithms work, I’ve decided to opt out of doing a Kickstarter campaign, (Just for this year! Possibilities abound in the future…) I’ve decided a better way to build my brand, for now, is to publish another work within 90 days after publishing Beanstalk.

Parents have been asking me if Beanstalk is a children’s book. Alas, it is not. There is language, gore and swamp monster nudity!

New canvas.jpg

However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had dreams for a different demographic. I have nephews. I know that my siblings are constantly looking for movies and books that can also be entertaining for the adults, because you’ll have to watch/read these mediums over and over again.

I have always been interested in how computers transformed from big bulking masses into something so compact. A smartphone fits in your pocket. I’ve compiled some images of that history, from Hewlett-Packard to Bill Gates Vs. Steve Jobs. This book is going to light a fire in some kids, I think.


Here is one image from a newly proposed book.

And coinciding with this image, I might have a paragraph that goes like this: Computers have been around for the past 50 years, even though they haven’t always looked like the ones you’re used to seeing. These big computers, like the one in the picture above, were used by the government or corporations; nobody had a computer in their house! These computers used vacuum tubes instead of transistors.

And then I’d have images of vacuum tubes/transistors and explain what they are, very elementally. I would also explain what these big computers were used for, like calculating formulas or breaking codes during WW2. I will have a section about Alan Turing and his work regarding the breaking of Nazi code..


I plan on making a series of these kid friendly books . I have always been interested in the history of scientists/engineers as well as their collaboration with entrepreneurs. I think that not only kids could be entertained but that it could be educational as well for the parents.

I want to explore the science of evolution, geology and climate change in another sort of these books. Maybe even an atheist/agnostic or secular humanist’s explanation for natural phenomena. I want these kids to experience the wonderment of the natural world through story just like their Christian counterparts do.

In the comments below, let me know what you or your kids would be interested in!


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