More updates and fun stuff

I sent my graphic novel, Beanstalk, off to get a copyright two days ago. Very exciting stuff. Hopefully that’ll go through quickly.

Yesterday I went to in order to purchase one print on demand book, just so that I would have a copy for when I film my kickstarter. However, the website wouldn’t take my pdf file. I wrote an email to the website’s tech support; they say they’ll get back to me in one business day. I hate it that Saturday isn’t considered a business day. I always work Saturdays… Why doesn’t everyone else?

I also designed some merchandise/prizes for the Kickstarter campaign. My featured image above is the front design for my bookmark. I also have a tshirt and a mug in the works. Those will be for sale on this website after my Kickstarter campaign. (I want to give investors a chance to own something unique before I delve into the whole taxes and whatnot associated with selling items on here.

I wrote the script for my Kickstarter movie. You’re s’pose to have a short movie on Kickstarter in which you give your whole spiel. You should check it out. Even if you don’t invest in my comic, there are tons of talented people putting up entertaining videos. I downloaded Windows Moviemaker, and I’ll have to become an expert in that within these few days. I’m waiting for microphones which I ordered on Amazon, before I actually record, so that’s frustrating. (Again, I have to wait for people to work on those business days) But I can’t be too mad. Usually I’m one to plan ahead. This time, I didn’t.

Sorry if this stuff is dry. I don’t mean it to be. I kinda wanted to write everything down in order to get myself centered. As soon at some of these logistics get resolved, I’ll start posting some entertaining things, like character bios and behind the scenes things.

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