Graphic Novel Update

Alright. I’m getting very excited!

Only 2 more days until I have all the raw drawings I’ll need, and then I’m editing the pages of Beanstalk. This is my favorite part-putting it all together as a cohesive story. (Because you don’t know what’s going on in the picture below. But you do know that she shouldn’t have her eyes closed while handling such a dangerous tool.)


I’ll have the next four weeks off from my job of necessity (This is what I call my job of waiting tables.) The restaurant I work at always closes for 2 weeks in December, but I asked for additional time, because my mom put her foot down about me coming home to visit during Thanksgiving. (Not that I mind. The cranberry sauce is always delicious.) This will give me some time to finish editing, film a bio for Kickstarter and whip up some fun Kickstarter prizes for my investors.

Thanks for stopping by. (I’ll bet that if you come back soon, like within the next 4 weeks, you’ll get a sneak peak of my Kickstarter video.) Don’t forget to follow for updates and blog posts.



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